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Kathy Unger
Wellness Coach
"We are all broken.... that's how the light gets in"
- Ernest Hemingway
My mission is to inspire, empower and heal.

I am the proverbial Phoenix who rises from the ashes.


I’ve spent most of my life overcoming obstacles.


Being born as a subsequent child and trying to make up for my deceased sister setting up an unconscious program running through my head that I was never good enough because I was trying to make up for her sudden death.


Navigating through an alcoholic family environment.


Being traumatized in my teens and overcoming PTSD.

Spending many years feeling lost trying to find my purpose and passion and again feeling less than because I wasn’t where I wanted to be in my life.


Most recently losing both of my parents and Grandmother and best friend.


I've had my fair share of pain, loss and heartache.


Luckily I have an inner resilience and followed a path of alternative healing methods that helped me maintain my sanity and peace along the way.


Training Martial Arts & becoming a Black Belt changed my life. It helped me to feel empowered and gave me direction. Becoming a Personal Trainer gave me physical strength and better sense of self through nutrition and fitness. Teaching Reiki and Kundalini Yoga & Meditation brought a sense of healing and allowed me to let go of fear, anger and the feeling of being less than and not good enough. Learning Hypnosis has provided me with an awareness and ability to override any perceived challenge.


Overcoming obstacles and navigating through life’s tough lessons have allowed me to persevere and help others.


I'm on a mission to empower, heal and inspire people and am grateful for the opportunity to help you along your journey.

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Ericksonian Master Practitioner Hypnotist
The NLP Center of NY 

Holy Fire II Karuna Reiki® Master Teacher
The International Center for Reiki Training 

Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Teacher
International Kundalini Yoga Teacher Association 

NCSF Certified Personal Trainer
National Council on Strength & Fitness

1st Degree Black Belt - Poekoelan Tjimindie
(Indonesian Kung Fu) 

B.A - Political Science Degree - University at Albany



The Way of the Shaman
Foundation for Shamanic Studies

Soul Mending
NY Open Center (Itzak Beery)

Mindful Resilience for Trauma Recovery 

Veterans Yoga Project 

Theta Healing - 1st Level Practitioner 

HO'Oponopono Healing
Certified from Urban Shaman

Medical Intuition
NY Open Center (Kir Noel)

Yin Yoga Training
Wainwright House (Megan Moss Freeman)

Veteran Yoga Class - 11/11/18 @ Devotion Yoga